Brita Professional water treatment systems are fitted to all of the plumbed Coffee machines that we supply and install. Sadly, the importance of this equipment is not always recognised by many within the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering industry (Horeca). Tudor seek to improve our customer’s coffee experience and to also extend the life span of your Coffee Machine with this easy to manage package.

Across the UK, most regions actually suffer from hard water, there are particularly high concentrations of Limescale in the Midlands, virtually all of the South of England, East Anglia up to Yorkshire and most especially within London. The key aspect is that a Brita professional water treatment system helps to alleviate water hardness (it cannot be completely eliminated as without some of these minerals being present within the water the taste sensation will also be diminished), this is defined by the mineral density in a water source (i.e. mains water), calcium mineral deposits over time build up to form mostly calcium carbonate, this is commonly referred to as Limescale, without regular changes of these cartridges, the life expectancy of any coffee machine will be seriously undermined.

If this Limescale is left unchecked and unchallenged, it builds up to such an extent that it causes a critical breakdown of your coffee machine, invariably Limescale is the biggest killer of Coffee machines, indeed the higher the concentration of Limescale within the water supply, the faster an untreated Limescale build up will occur. Overtime the main boiler and any associated water pipe work within a Bean to Cup coffee machine or an Espresso Machine will clog up (fur up) until the point of failure, causing poor Steam and Hot Water performance, inevitable valve failures and cause damage to many other vital components within your valuable coffee equipment too. At this point, a full system descale will be essential, this is most likely to have to be carried out in our workshop, disrupting your business services for potentially several days in the most severe cases (how much would 2 or 3 days of lost coffee sales revenue be worth to your business?). As part of Tudor’s customer loyalty policy, existing customers who regularly buy our Coffee Beans or Filter Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate products would invariably be supplied suitable replacement equipment whilst their equipment is off site and have your machinery assessed for any essential repairs.

However, using Brita’s Professional water treatment range, by optimising the quality of the water and filtering out the majority of the Limescale minerals from your Water supply, this vastly extends the longevity and functionality of our coffee machines. During any installation of our Coffee equipment, a Brita professional water treatment system will be registered with Brita’s UK Head office. One of our fully trained engineers will be instructed to set the hardness and by pass on the unit to be suited for your location (setting the number of litres the unit will effectively function for). At that point you will also be shown the ease of monitoring the system itself, a digital display will be fitted and set according to count down (measure) the water consumption as the coffee machine is used.

We recommend enquiring about an exchange cartridge date and cost once the display drops below 1000 litres, giving you plenty of time to arrange a suitable time and date to complete this change over. By installing a Brita water system, this unit will also be registered with the Brita UK monitoring team, who in about 2 months after the initial equipment installation, will contact you to verify its usage, they’ll deduce the rate of exhaustion of the system cartridge unit and thereby they can estimate when the unit is likely to need changing for you however ultimately it is the responsibility of the Owner/Manager to ensure the system cartridge is replaced prior to exhaustion.

Understanding the practical benefits of a Brita water filter is essential, a typical Cup of coffee is comprised of 98% water. You undoubtedly will select a superb coffee blend to use on your Coffee equipment, this great coffee deserves great well filtered water too, this is just one of the key advantages a Coffee Shop served Coffee has over a home brewed coffee.

Untreated water mixed with even the best of coffee blends, will in large parts undermine the experience, the minerals within untreated water will leave a bitter aftertaste and undoubtedly mask the aroma and flavours of the coffee served. In the hardest water regions; the Crema and overall texture of the coffee can be needlessly ruined just by poor water quality, no matter how great the machine and coffee you choose to use is!

In a nutshell, if you as a conscientious caterer endeavour to serve Great Coffee and Tea, a Brita Water Treatment system is an essential part your coffee equipment package, this means your customers get served even better coffee, the maintenance costs of your equipment are reduced and most importantly you will extend the life span of your coffee machine there in. Partner your Tudor Espresso or Bean to Cup coffee machine with a Brita Water Treatment System today.