Delicatessen Grinders

Santos Coffee Bean Grinders suitable for Retail Coffee sales where ‘freshly ground’ Coffee is sold directly to the public.

The Santos Grinder has the facility to alter the Grind Size according to the customers Coffee making apparatus and it grinds about 20-25 Kilos per hour, creating an enticing aroma around your shop.

Guide to the Deli Shop Owner to the end-user;

If the customer is using an Espresso Machine, then a fine grind (best described as just a bit grainier than Talcum Powder) would be the correct setting.

If the customer is making Filter Coffee, then a medium grind would suit.

If the customer is using a La Cafetiere (or French Press), the Grinder should be best set for a bolder (larger particle size) to ensure that bits of the Coffee grinds do not pass through the gauze on the plunger.

It is vital that the operator deduces what style of coffee making apparatus is being used by the purchaser first so as to ensure that the Coffee drinker has a positive experience. it is essential that the vendor, who should be proactive in this field, is knowledgeable in such sales and will always command customers trust and best of all, a regular customer.


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