Who are Tudor

Tudor Tea and Coffee, started in 1984, was established upon a highly successful range of high quality catering and specialist tea’s that it produces, with the coffee department being introduced some six years after its inception in 1990.

The company has achieved awards from the Tea Council for the consistent high quality that it produces and maintained.  Tudor import, blend and produce leaf teas and teabags of various sizes for the catering trade.  The range is complete with the superlative Masterpiece range of pure specialist string and tagged teabags to offer a comprehensive and highly successful product range with optimum quality, guaranteed by our own experienced tea tasters.

What makes us different

At Tudor, we understand that you want to provide exceptional tasting coffee, tea and other beverages, using cost effective and reliable machines. We roast all our own coffee beans so you can serve coffee at its best. We also supply our award winning tea plus all the sundries you might need, from grinders and crockery to syrups and disposable cups.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry we are able to advise you on the most appropriate equipment for your needs. Our team
is on hand to help you every step of the way, including our own ‘factory-trained’ engineers to maintain and repair your machines.

Our Espresso Coffees have proudly won in the Great Taste Awards Two Gold Stars for our Rainforest Alliance (100% Arabica & R/A Coffee) and Roma Blends, and One Gold Star on our Milano Coffee Beans; we also offer a comprehensive range of exciting, rich and delicious Single Origin Coffees. If you prefer we can roast to Order for maximum freshness.

Our Roaster

The Coffee Roasting plant has a capacity now of in excess of five tons of coffer per day, where ultimate control of the quality and the consistency in the product can be assured, furthermore, a complete history of the raw consistent bean through to the finished packaged bags can be verified via our audit facilities, to ensure that the customer remains safe in the knowledge of blend integrity (Rainforest Alliance, Organic and Fair Trade products can be offered for those who are passionately interested in those communities who grow and earn their livelihood producing high quality coffee).

Tudor believes in hot air slow roasting to enable the aroma, texture and flavour of the coffee’s to be maximised with ultimate freshness. Total control of heat temperature throughout all points in the roast is assured. Once roasted, the coffee is passed through the de-stoner’s and metal detectors to eradicate all the problems that can affect the grinders whether they are for commercial or domestic purposes.

In addition, Tudor have installed with the Brambati system, after burners and catalytic converters to clean the air before it is sent into the atmosphere and therefore achieve the highest standard of environmental cleanliness and uphold the highest health and safety standards.

The showroom

At Tudor we offer a fully equipped showroom, providing the opportunity for our full range of equipment to be demonstrated to you first-hand. This way we can ensure the correct equipment can be selected to best suit your businesses needs and requirements. We can also set up the showroom as a classroom environment to carry out our comprehensive Barista Training Courses and ensure that everyone can get the best out of both our coffee and their chosen equipment.

Give us a call to arrange a visit 01708 866 966.