Fast Brewing Bright Tea with a real full bodied malty character.

Assam tea forms the foundation of this superb blend using leaf picked during the seasonal quality peak (2nd flush). The continent of Africa provides that bright pungent and refreshing character with teas from Burundi, Rwanda and Kenya. Finally, the superb golden liquors of Ceylon add that delicate flavour to achieve a true Masterpiece.

These skilfully chosen components promise a tea of real distinction.

Always infuse English Breakfast Tea with Boiling Water (brew) and always have your Water at 100 degrees C boiling point. If you leave your Kettle for a few minutes after it has boiled and then ‘reboil’ the water, you’re effectively encouraging limescale to build up within the kettle. Limescale in water always undermines the subtle flavours in Tea.

Infuse (brew time) for 2 – 3 minutes as this blend is composed of smaller leaf CTC Teas throughout (African Teas will brew faster, however, Assam Tea takes longer for the full impact of it’s rich malty character to come through). Well worth the wait.


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