We are most pleased to announce that we have just received in our stock of New Season 2nd Flush Assam (North East India) Teas, produced in Late June / Mid July, giving you that unique Rich Malty, Full Bodied Flavour. 26 Metric Tons of High Quality Tea sourced from top quality Gardens located near the banks of the Brahmaputra in the Assam Valley. Available in various Grades such as BP, PF & P.Dust. If you’d like to buy some  New Season 2nd Flush Assam Tea, please email us on [email protected] as to what Grade and quantity that you’ve got in mind and we’ll see if we can be of assistance to you. Sourced from High Quality Plantations such as Behora, Bhooteachang, Borengajuli, Corramore, Namdang, Phulbari & Rajmai.