Enjoy learning from Barista experts at our Essex Roastery

Serving coffee at its best comes from learning from the best: vastly experienced barista experts who know all the tricks and can offer great tips on how to enhance your coffee-making skills. If you’re motivated and genuinely serious about mastering your Barista skills and Latte Art, then training with Tudor is a must for you.

Develop supreme coffee skills and have real confidence in serving superb Coffee

Like anything in life, acquiring new skills or improving on existing ones helps not only to boost one’s earning power (get promoted at work, apply for a better barista job elsewhere or even become a barista teacher yourself…) but also one’s confidence. During Tudor Tea & Coffee barista training sessions, you will grow your understanding of Coffee, become inspired and feel self assured that you can serve the most fantastic Flat Whites, Lattes and Cappuccinos every time using the best Coffee and Tea available to create that real ‘wow factor’ every time.

Everything will be explained to you in a informed, jargon-free and easy to grasp manner, thereby ensuring that you can enjoy developing yourself as an accomplished Barista as you attain all of these critical coffee-related skills:

  • Acquire knowledge of coffee production, delving deep into the most fascinating background information, giving yourself a foundation in coffee-making that will underpin every cup of coffee you make thereafter.
  • Get to grips with espresso machines, how they work, the components and other related equipment used in preparing and serving perfect hot beverages, every time.
  • Master the grinder, probably the most under-rated part of the Barista experience for those who scratch the surface when it comes to making seriously Great Coffee. No longer feel intimidated by it. Forget all that “the grinder is God” rubbish and boss it instead. Feel confident every time you use a grinder to create that much-coveted perfectly extracted Espresso.
  • We’ll share with you all the essential espresso recipes. Also learn about espresso styles, what works and what doesn’t; and which espresso mistakes baristas commonly make and more importantly, how to avoid them.
  • Milk texturing, including latte art. What barista doesn’t want to master that? It’s a chance to get in touch with one’s creative self, isn’t it? The choice of patterns and other decorative finishes is infinite. As for other types of milk texturing, we’ll teach you it all, enabling you to make any type of coffee drink that customers ask for.
  • How to resolve tricky situations, should a coffee-making issue suddenly crop up during a super-busy shift. Enjoy peace of mind and earn the respect of your colleagues, by knowing that you can calmly and ably troubleshoot like the best of them on, say, a hectic Saturday afternoon at work when the pressure is really on.
  • Finally, learn critical and essential cleaning procedures. Becoming skilled in this means fewer long term damaging issues with your Coffee machines, reduced customer complaints, less time spent after a shift cleaning Coffee equipment and greater consistency of serving the finest quality hot beverages.

The only Barista training you’ll ever need

Tudor Tea & Coffee enjoys sharing our barista knowledge, drawing from years in the industry, with one simple goal in mind: to help practising baristas (and budding ones!) to become as accomplished as they can be.

From our friendly and patient barista trainers, learn everything you need to know (really, ours is the only formal training you’ll ever need), to prepare and serve superb quality Espresso, Americano, Flat Whites, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Mocha, and other beverages (including Loose Leaf teas), whether that be in a Coffee Shop, Café, Bar or Restaurant or even if you’re totally fascinated by the coffee-making process and simply want to prepare perfect hot drinks at home for yourself, family and friends.