Refurbished Coffee Machines (pre-used)

Our Pre-Owned range of Commercial Coffee machines are fully refurbished by our factory-trained engineers, who carry out any work that’s needed. No machine leaves our fully equipped service workshop until our exacting standards are met. For additional peace of mind, we also offer On-Site Warranty options to cover you in the event of a breakdown. We have an extensive range of fully refurbished commercial coffee machines of both bean-to-cup and traditional espresso models.

When Tudor Tea & Coffee refurbish our range of Coffee machines, we carry it out thoroughly. The Coffee Boilers are descaled, the associated pipework connecting to it are fully descaled and cleaned and refitted. The Group Heads are Descaled and Serviced to ensure that you achieve the best extraction with your Espressos. New Solenoid and Safety valves are fitted, new Heating Element will be supplied with new seal / gaskets too, also the Pump will be replaced along with all electrical components necessary.

Thereafter the equipment will be thoroughly tested and be fully functioning for the purchaser. If plumbed, additionally you will be supplied with a new Brita Water Filter system fitted which is registered with Brita to ensure that the correct by-pass settings are calibrated to protect this valuable equipment from limescale problems. This means that you will enjoy trouble free use of the Coffee equipment that we supply and we are very confident that you will have great Coffee equipment to serve the finest coffee on.

Bean To Cup machine, in addition to the work that we carry out on our Espresso machines, we will also include replacement of the Brewing Assembly unit, with it being fully serviced and calibrated at the same time, the Pump and pipework and connections will also be changed as well to ensure that you will have great Coffee equipment to serve the finest coffee on.

When Considering purchasing any coffee machine please bear in mind the following and let us know:

  • What power supply you have available
  • Space requirements of the coffee machine/equipment itself
  • Distance to plumbing and waste connections
  • Your lead time
  • Site accessibility and parking availability


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