Our stylish range of Tea Caddies, reminding us of Tea Trade’s nostalgic past glories, the ideal storage container for the most discerning of Tea drinkers. The Tea Caddy is essential when it comes to protecting your high quality Tea away from any moisture and sunlight by retaining it in an airtight container. Preserve their rewarding flavours to ensure that you can savour the delights of the Highest Quality Tea & Coffee at all times. Not only are they superb for storage but they also will look fantastic in any kitchen and will really enhance your Pot of Tea & Coffee experience.

  • Black Jap Flat Tea Caddy Slip Top type
  • Black Jap Tea Caddy 227 gram (8oz) Flip Top Caddy
  • Black Jap Tea Caddy 454 gram (16oz) Flip Top version
  • Claremont Mosaic Flat Tea Caddy
  • Claremont Mosaic Tea Caddy 228 gram (8oz) Hinge Lid version.
  • Claremont Mosaic Tea Caddy 454 gram (16oz) Slip Lid version with floral design
  • Fontainbleu Tea Caddy 454 gram (16oz) Hinge Lid version


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