Egro NEXT Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

EGRO NEXT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Hot Chocolate

The EGRO NEXT is a high volume super automatic espresso machine with an app-controlled user interface. The innovative user interface is as simple as using your smart phone.
Create amazing drinks like lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos and more at the touch of a button!

Egro Next is the new frontier in fully automatic coffee machines. Featuring stylish ergonomic design, Egro Next is intuitive, easy to use and to clean. It guarantees top-quality results for all types of coffee, milk and powder-based drinks. Recommended for locations with an average daily consumption in excess of 300 coffee cups, Egro Next has been designed mainly for use in hotels, offices, fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, service stations, cafés and self-service facilities.


  • Touch Screen Display – Simple choices of all drinks including decaffeinated & personalised choices.
  • 6.5 ltr Milk Fridge – Pumped supply for fast delivery inc Low Milk Warning & Temp Display
  • On-Screen Quick & Simple Daily Cleaning Cycle, takes just 6 minutes par day!
  • Ultra Fast Drink Preparation Time – Single cup: 8oz = 26 secs, 12oz = 30 secs, 16oz = 28 secs. Two cups simultaniously: 8oz = 40 secs, 12oz = 60 secs
  • Cold Milk Foam – To produce Iced Latte or Fruit syrup drinks – add Ice for Perfection!
  • Drinks Produced Counter – Individual and total amounts can be seen at the touch of a button
  • Production area lit by LED Lights – Ease of Use with Visual Warnings for Rinse Cycles
  • Available in either ‘Self Service’ or ‘Manned’ options
  • X-TEA – Offering “Optimum” Speciality Tea brewing temperatures and quantities
  • Extendable Water Wand – Minimising the potential of Scolding
  • Separate High Performance Steam Arm – For Alternative Milk Drinks

Swiss Coffee Technology Top-quality results at every cup, thanks to a stainless steel brewing group equipped with Self-Adjusting Grinder technology and separate boilers for coffee and steam.

Built to last Stainless steel brewing group and high-value components come together in a robust design for high performance and maximum durability.

NMS+ Top-quality milk foam every time, with great consistency, personalised for all beverages, even during the busiest work hours. Full 2 Year On-Site Parts & Labour Warranty ONLY from TUDOR*

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