Animo Combi Line Bulk Brewer 2 x 20 W

The ComBi – line bulk brewers produce large quantities of fresh filter coffee in a short period of time.

The W models of the ComBi – line have a hot water dispenser in the brewing unit that provides a high capacity for hot water for Tea (please note that we can also offer the full range without a hot water tap). A ComBi – line W coffee machine consists of one brewing unit in combination with one or two 20 litre beverage containers.


The touch technology provides a very intuitive user interface. Just set the recommended quantity of coffee and follow the brewing process on-screen. A signal and display notification tells you when your coffee is ready and there you are. The ComBi – line is easy to maintain by providing simple display instructions (e.g. descaling the machine).

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Specifications :-

CB 2 x 20 W

  • Hour capacity coffee:  90 litre / 720 cups
  • Buffer stock: 40 litre/ 320 cups
  • Hour capacity hot water: 60 litre.


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